About The Blogger

Some points of reference:

* I am happily married to the love of my life, my soulmate, my Mountain Man.
* I believe in "Something bigger than the things we see and It holds us when we aren't looking."
(I call it "God")
* I live with a chronic illness called Dysautonomia
(who we now  refer to as "Bob" - a name that was started by Michelle .)
* I am a free-spirit.
* I am an Artist.
(visit my Etsy Shop,  Widly Whimsical )
* I am a citizen of the world, a traveler who wants to explore everything, everywhere.
(10 countries so far, even though I've slowed down lately)
* I believe that walks in the rain prevent premature aging.
* I believe secrets make you sick.
* I believe that money, titles, IQ, and pant sizes are a lousy way of keeping score.
* I believe that today is the most important day of my life.
* I believe adventure is worthwhile.
* I aim to live my life passionately and fully.
* To sum it up, as Robert Fulghum says:  "Life is. I am. Anything might happen"

Some of the other 'stuff':
(These are some of the events that have shaped my life, but I refuse to be solely defined by any of them)

*I grew up in, and left, a very strict, legalistic religion which I refer to, here, only as AWM.  My entire family is still a part of this religion.
*I lived through a serious suicide attempt in 2001.
*I spent several years in a past abusive marriage, before finding the courage and strength to leave, in 2002.
*I have known what it is to be homeless, desperate, and alone.
*I am a survivor of rape.
*I was an opiate addict for several years before going through rehab and getting clean in 2008.

The words that I write here are the same that I share with others on this journey of life. They reflect my beliefs, my struggles, my triumphs, my passions, and my interests.

You will discover that I am sometimes very open about very personal issues. This is because I have come to believe that we hide from each other too much. Our issues may not be identical, but our reactions and responses to them are very similiar. Chances are, if I've written it - you've thought it.
I may not have all the answers, but maybe by admitting the problems, I remove not only a layer of isolation from myself... but from you as well.
I hope that what is most obvious, is that I am on a spiritual journey of discovery, and I welcome YOU my fellow traveler.